A View on Brexit

Whatever side of the vote you were on before, it just makes sense to go back to the people now that we have new information. In the case of court law, appeals can be granted when new evidence is presented. When you buy a house, you might fall in love with it when you first see it. After the survey and searches show that the foundations are not sound and there are plans for a motorway right outside your doorstep, you are allowed to change your mind.

We don’t need to continue down this road just because the country once voted to leave. This is not about having more referendums until we get the answer we want. It is not undemocratic to ask people for their opinion again now that new information is available. At the time of the original vote, both sides were guessing what the outcomes would be. Nobody knew for certain. Now we have a much clearer idea of what Brexit means, we should be allowed to vote again. We need a second vote with three options:

  1. Leave with the agreed deal.
  2. Leave with no deal.
  3. Remain in the EU.

When it comes to this vote we need to make sure the people are well informed of what each option means. I don’t want to see politicians do this as they have ulterior motives. We need an independent body, free from political affiliation to show the pros and cons for each option in a balanced way. Then we can make an informed decision about facts and likely outcomes rather than fear, mind games and fantasies. A lot of the main players here don’t really care what happens as they will be fine either way, it’s the general public that will feel the pain of this, not just now but for generations to come.

You’re preaching to the converted. Leaver voters won’t watch it, and if they do will say it’s just more fear mongering from an elitist liberal snow flake. The UK is on a collision course driven on by nationalistic fervour and an inherit dislike of foreigners, nothing will stop it from shooting itself in the foot. Certainly not truth nor common sense, sadly, we’re well past that now.



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