Cameroon High Commissioner meets with the Queen

The new Cameroon High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland HEM. Fotabong Albert Njoteh was at Buckingham Palace to present his credentials to the Queen

ambassador & queenCameroon High Commissioner to the UK and Northern Ireland HE M. Fotabong Albert Njoteh presented his Letters of Credence to Her Majesty alongside his wife Estherine during an audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace in London on December 4th, 2018.

A striking display in an unusually sunny day

After the welcoming ceremony at the Court of St James, the Head of Mission and Mrs Fotabong were escorted by the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps in a State landau pulled by four horses. In this unusually sunny December early afternoon, they were followed by the diplomat’s suite in another State carriage as they rode in procession through the streets of London for a short journey amid a cheering crowd. Hilton Park Lane was the final destination where a cocktail reception was offered in one of their finest hall.

carrot feeding
Feeding the horses (Pic IT Jembe Media)

Before joining their distinguished guests at the exclusive venue, the Fotabongs couldn’t help but show their appreciation to the Queen’s horses that have contributed to make their trip so memorable. It was therefore pleasant to see the High Commissioner and his family lovingly patting and feeding the sleek towering royal stallions carrots as people including tourists rushed to take photographs.

“Peace and prosperity to Cameroon Community”

haut commissaire
H.E. Albert Fotabong Njoteh (Pic: IT Jembe Media)

In a noisy atmosphere thanks to Makossa music resounding in the PA system and loud conversations between guests, we thankfully managed to steal a few minutes from a very busy High Commissioner.

Your Excellency can you share with us your feeling after meeting Her Majesty?

Presenting the letter of credence, meeting the Queen is not given. You can imagine what emotions I have at this moment, how excited and how humble I am especially at this time. This is an unforgettable moment in my career

In your welcoming speech you pointed out that relations between UK and Cameroon needed to be reinforced. In what area? 

The economic relations between UK and Cameroon need to be much more consolidated. You need to understand that as far as investing opportunities are concerned we need UK in Cameroon. We want to make sure that we provide the right environment for them to be able to invest in our country and provide jobs for our people. It will also be a good thing if the volume of trade between UK and Cameroon is improved. The balance of Trade should improve so that we too can export more to the United Kingdom.

You are obviously aware of the situation in the Cameroon community here in the United Kingdom. What are your plans for your compatriots? What is your message to them?

As far as Cameroon community in the UK is concerned, I am here to be their father; I am here to listen to them. And see how together we can work to build our country and that is very important. Diaspora is very important to the development of the country, politically, socially, economically and in no way should diaspora be undermined. So my role here, my duty, my obligation Is to make sure that together with the diaspora community here we can work together to build our country. The Cameroon community should feel that the High Commissioner is their High Commissioner and I am here to be with them to work with them.

Anything else?

I wish our community peace, prosperity and everything they want to wish in their lives.

Thank you Your Excellency for talking to us. Welcome to London and may God Almighty help you to achieve these goals.


Who is Mr Fotabong?

Fotabong Albert Njoteh was appointed Cameroon High Commissioner to London on September 2018.

Born on January 22, 1959 in Lewoh, South West region, Albert Fotabong served as Minister-Counsellor at the Cameroon High Commission in Pretoria South Africa from 2006 to 2017 and acting Charge d’Affaires at the same High Commission from 2006 to 2008. Before taking up diplomatic functions in South Africa he was Technical Adviser at the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic from 2002 to 2006. Before then, he also served as an Attache at the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency from 2000 to 2002. He holds a PhD in International Relations. The new High Commissioner is happily married to Estherine Fotabong.

Isaac TCHANKAP (LeGuide du Londonien)

For additional pictures of the event please follow this link

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